the week's end

my first thought on this --dare i jinx it?-- warm and sunny monday is to all of the sweet congratulations you offered when i told you that, for better or worse, nick and i made the decision to spend the rest of this life with each other. thank you. i do love that boy. and it makes me happy that you are happy for our happy.

my second through umpteenth thoughts of this monday have no cohesive mind binding them, save that they were all my week-end. and so, i present to you my week-end. it started out gloomy, rainy, and objectively chilly for a may 4th. but it turned into a magical few days of sunshine, gardening, and just nick and kate time. all and all an uneventful set of days. but those have beauty in their own ways.

without further ado.

photos of the week's end.
1. on gloomy days i do things like re-arrange the cupboards. we actually don't have much in the way of cupboards. so i keep a good many foods in this bureau. oh you rascal of a tiny kitchen. 
2. something was wrong with the dryer on friday. i decided on the cowardly route of not investigating what was so wrong and instead skulked away from it with my heaping load of damp washing. due to the Gloominess of the day i strung the lines up in our poor bedroom and so ensued a solid 18 hours of ducking through and hiding behind the washing. 

3. the sun came out and so most of the houseplants were thrown outdoors to gather what energy the could. 

4. this little plant hates outdoors. she also hates the shadows. the wind. and too much water. likewise she hates too little water. she has a long list of hates.  i spend an appalling amount of hours dragging her around the house keeping her happy.

5. nick declared saturday a day for chucks. i don't have chucks so i don't know what this means. but i told him that they looked like crap shoes for fixing fences and he agreed.  

6. our house cat. 

7. i made 3 different batches of yogurt.  i inadvertently strained this one for 16 hours. it is quite thick and creamy. i had this for breakfast and it seems to be the winner of an unspoken competition. i brought jars of each kind to the houses on either side of ours and have received similar feedback. winnie's production has ramped up to nearly 4 gallons of milk a day which leaves us with plenty to perform such mindless experiments. 

8. ted and his adopted mama. her name is leche. she is 10 years old. has heaps of fur (wool? hair?). she has bug eyes, the horror of which you can't quite make out in this photo.  her horns go in 7 different directions. she is a love bug. and she is in a nine-year-strong domestic partnership with canela (not pictured). canela doesn't care much for ted, but tolerates him.

9. fiddleheads! nick made a weekend habit of collecting some before lunch each day. 
10. sick chicken (and messy bedroom). nick thought she had hurt her leg so we kept her in our ICU/bathroom overnight. turns out she was faking it, so i walked her down to the barn to return to her brood this morning.
11. my heart was just not in the dandelion harvest yesterday. so this is where i will leave you, because i promised nick dandelion fritters for lunch and i must get a pickin'.


  1. your diva plant is a hoya, she will thrive in spots with morning sun and shade for the rest of the day. x

  2. your diva plant is a hoya, she will thrive in spots with morning sun and shade for the rest of the day. x

  3. congrats to you guys! i always love your pics :)


  4. what are fiddleheads and what do you do with them?

    and can you really eat dandelions? what do you do with them?!?

  5. Dear Kate, thank you for sending the freezing cold, non-stop rain showers to us over the weekend. It's been fun, but we'd like the warm sunshine back now. Please and thank you.
    Love, Jaime

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend!
    I wish the sun would shine in Europe :(

  7. I love these posts you do of kind of random photos! I love peaking into your life:)

    I'm also super glad Ted found an adoptive mamma! I know from experience that getting animals to accept a new one (especially ones that are small or at the "bottom of the food chain" so to speak") can be kind of rough sometimes! He is SO adorable though, I always want to reach through my screen and hug him when I see your photos!

    hah. sorry for rambling on!

  8. Can you share the dandelion fritters recipe? It
    sounds delicious!

  9. love this update! fiddleheads are so yummy and fun to eat ~ dont have those around here!

    we debate regularly what the best tamping and mucking shoes are. have you found a decent pair of boots out there?


  10. Regardless of your content, your posts ALWAYS make me happy and envious of your life. Although I know you work very hard, I feel there is so much more reward in the work you do!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  11. WHAT are dandelion fritters? :)

  12. I'm pretty new to your blog but I have to tell you it is fast becoming one of my favourites. It leaves me with a smile each time I visit :) Perhaps it comes with being from Australia, but I have absolutely no idea what fiddleheads are and I've seen them on two blogs today. (I must google that) x

  13. 1: Dandelion fritter recipe is definitely something I think everyone seems interested in---please post!

    2: I can't tell for certain because of the reflection of light on your finicky plant, but it looks more like pothos than a hoya to me. I just saw what I thought was variegation on the common houseplant variety that I've grown before. Also, it is finicky because it is a tropical, probably not that happy with cooler NE weather (if it is pothos)

    3. Ted's adoptive mother is adorable!

  14. such happy news sweet kate. not sure how i missed it the first time round... but regardless, congrats to you & that fine boy of yours. love. love.

  15. I love seeing more of you and your beautiful images here in this blog world. I have to say that Ted is one of the cutest things I have seen in my whole life! Congratulations too ......

  16. Lovely photos today, it really is a special way to get a glimpse of your world.

    I live somewhat similarly but in England and my photos can never be as special as yours because I don't have any sunshine :-( it's been a miserable Spring here up to now!!

    Dandelion Fritters everyone, are simply dandelion flower heads dipped in a medium thick runny batter mix and fried, a delicious snack. I'm sure Kate will give you the full recipe, with glorious pics to accompany it.

    I have no idea what fiddleheads are though!

    Sue xx

  17. my goodness! dandelion fritters! i will get on that this week and show you, but sue is 100% right in her description of them. essentially just fried dandelions. yum.

    fiddleheads are a delicious foraged green that come from ferns in the early spring before the fern unfurls its fronds. they can be tricky to id the correct, edible, fiddleheads so use SEVERAL guides to confirm what you've found.

    @misti and ashley faye Thank YOU for the hoya ID. I'll see if I can send the little bugger on holiday to some place warm.

  18. Leche is just gorgeous! can you send a little bit of sunshine our way, please? Our courgette are going to drown over here!

  19. Whaaaat!!? FRIED DANDELION FLOWERS!! Those of us who deeply fear kitchen improvisation will be waiting with baited breath for further instructions. I am surprised they aren't bitter and terrible and am very intrigued. I would also take sick pleasure in this harvest since it would thwart dandelion attempts to take over my yard!

  20. ahhh, looks like it was a bon week-end fo sho! lots of love. x


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