while the cat's away...

nick's at play with a baby fox, seemingly abandoned and starving. nothing a bowl of warm milk can't fix. laden with the ever practical-mind of a woman, i've already started asking the hard questions like what are we going to do when he starts to hunt chickens?

read about his little morning at www.wildhumans.org

(sorry for the crooked photo am on iPad and in central park and no idea how to manipulate such things)


  1. So beautiful! Reminds me of when I helped rescued a fox cub in London (too many years ago). They are gorgeous creatures.

  2. oh goodness! my questions would be "can i snuggle him? where will he sleep in our bed?"

  3. Darling!

    FIRST, BIG CONGRATS and hugs and kisses. Of course, you guys are engaged. You're meant to be...an item, together forever, snug as bugs in a rug. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts on the state of coupled-ness (I know you were writing your experience, and that there are others, but many of your thoughts rang true to Jack and I, now after 32 years together).

    SECOND. OMG, this kit. SO gorgeous. And yeah, so wild.

    THIRD. Check out this article from "National Geographic" about foxes domesticated in Siberia, if you haven't already seen it:



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  5. This is so amazing! I love foxes. "Ours" stay outside of the house but comes round way my Nan calls her. it is a bit surreal. We don't have chickens though. Could luck with this little creature


  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, thanks for sharing.


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