cake in the city and dinner in the country

cake in the city
dinner in the country
this was one of the times where we so generously grace a friend's wedding with just one of us. and it was my turn so i got a blistering night and day away from the farm, many miles logged on the car, and a brunch with mom and marie in somerville in the backyard. eating cake for breakfast and keeping our feet cool in the kiddie pool. 

the wedding was beautiful. on her father's farm. amongst a pine grove. the drink was a mint julep. i had many many virgin juleps, which amounts to little more than lemonade and mint, very quenching. the pulled pork was from one of her dad's pigs. and his toast to her was one of the more beautiful wedding moments i have witnessed. i had scrupulously washed my feet and was wearing a pretty silk dress that had never been used to garden or feed pigs.  i managed to find the only two farmers at the wedding and talk to them all night. and i had to leave before the cake was served. i was home by midnight. and the next day made up for my farm delinquency by putting up 173 bales of hay

i was told, by a farmer helping us throw that hay, as i was covered in sweat and dried grass, and as my hands were numb from blisters, and as i was counting Every Bale, that he and his dad used to put up over 10,000 bales a summer.   

KATE you Do Not Know what real work is my dear girl. is not what he said, but what i thought. 

i'm so happy to be home but so happy to have had a brief and needed overnight from the farm. it reminded me that i have a wedding to plan (oh). and it made me feel less awful to be able to give a partial yes instead of a resounding no to dear friends. 

today i am off to pick up three little ewe lambs. they are the beginning of my flock for fiber and meat. my beautiful sister, who turns 26 today, is in charge of naming the girls, so stay tuned for that, and for photos of them riding home in the back of my subaru. and for the adorableness that will rival the kittens. 


  1. That sounds like an absolutely perfect wedding. I'm sure it's lovely to get scrubbed up and wear something new every now and then but I bet it's a wonderful feeling coming back home too.

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. lambies!! we can a few weeks too soon I think. GOOD LUCK!! I can't wait to see their little faces.

  3. It's lovely to get away but I always feel it's just as nice to get home.

    And it's ALWAYS nice to wear a 'posh frock' every now and then and feel really clean.

    Good luck with your lambs, I love the day when new young life comes to the farm.

    Sue xx

  4. What a sweet wedding! I love the outdoor decor :)

  5. hello to America! One quick question, is your farm part of the WWOOF movement? I'd love to volunteer on a farm similar to yours one day soon...
    greetings from Austria!

  6. I cannot wait to see and hear more about these lambs!

  7. I jsut wanted to say, I love the photos on your blog, just charming. :)

  8. Is that the Racer Day Dress from anthropologie? It's beautiful!

  9. Nice Post....Nice collection of photos. Its beautiful.


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