a home for now

my friend rachael reminded me of the site cabin porn this weekend and i think i may have spent a solid two hours on the bus home from boston monday drooling. its so easy to have home envy when there are so many creative people out there doing such an Incredible Job at living indoors.  but i love the 2 room home we live in right now. it isn't ours. and knowing us it won't be the last place we live. but we are making ourselves at home despite this. and in lieu of spending today sulking that we don't live on a scraggy cliff in a brightly-white painted hut overlooking snowy mountains, i thought i would celebrate the home we do live in. in all of it's small and clunky glory.

so here it is. home for now. in photos.

1. bedroom with requisite kitty AND the fan that meg gifted to us last weekend. bless her.
2. my try at house plants. the lemonade bottle is always filled with water to tempt me into watering them more often. it hasn't worked yet. i may need to set up some indoor irrigation.
3. that heavy wooden bust is something nick traded his shoes for in southern africa many years ago. we have lugged it nearly everywhere we've lived and only once tried to unload it on brent and melissa (who did schlep it from san francisco to carolina for us).
4. this dining room table and the two chairs have been mine since i was a baby. my mom gave us a photo of me and my sister sitting at the same table in the same chairs. i must be 4 and fiona 2.  in the photo it appears that i am yelling at my baby sister. but i would never yell. i have always been a lady. a lady doesn't raise her voice. i was probably just scolding her poor baby-posture.
5. with the afternoon sun and our wooden-everything home there are some days when life is too orange and you have to sport sunglasses inside. it makes one look Ultra Cool.
6. moldy countertops.
7. an uncommonly empty sink.
8. we need more cabinets and less mice. then i wouldn't have to put everything under the lock and key of jars and tins.
9. the tiny stove.
10.  the hammock is forever beckoning.


  1. Hi Kate,

    You might have cabin envy, but take it from someone living inside the traffic-riddled DC beltway, your home is pretty enviable itself! Although not sure how well I'd handle an outhouse in a snowy Vermont winter. Might find me stomping my feet and crying like a 2-year-old.

    Glad you are making it home!

    Carly (regular reader, but not-so-regular commenter :)

  2. This looks incredibly cosy! I admire your ability to make a small space look so inviting. No need to drool over other's homes, young lady ;)

  3. Looks perfect. I noticed that hammock right outside and it's calling my name! Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. I think it looks amazing. I want to photograph it!

  5. I've been reading along for a few weeks, and I'm really enjoying it so far!

    I love your small home. We live in an even smaller 2-room apartment, and learning to love it, but I totally know what you mean. It's always easier to envy someone else, and it will definately be nice to have a slightly bigger place sometime - somewhere you can decorate exactly as you see fit.
    Ahh, that'll be the day..

    /Lea Binta

  6. I love your happy home! We're roamers too...we haven't always been, but we moved away from out home in Humboldt County last summer and found ourselves in the mountains of Northern Arizona, we're calling it home for now...but we know it's not for always. Create your sacred space wherever you are because home is a feeling within you more than a place you may call so. <3

  7. To a Brooklyn gal, this is cabin porn. Love your photos, your writing, and your uniquely sweet story.

  8. I have serious home-envy now! Your home is beautiful.

  9. It looks peaceful, sunny, lovely. A wonderful place to call home.

    xox Lilly

  10. your home is super sweet, and definitely cabin-y. It reminds me a lot of a little place my partner and I once lived in. It was a bunk house on a farm, pine from floor to ceiling. We sure didn't have the windows and amazing light that you have! And your place has such a sweetness to it. A home you could really sink right into.

  11. Before I got to the text I was drooling over your home, we live in a room (literally) and I was envying all your "space". Thanks for the reminder to appreciate exactly what we have.

  12. This is so charming, you have such a beautiful place :)

  13. I love the look! The potted plants and open kitchen cabinets look really good- I admit im living vicariously thru you! One day Ill have my own cabin until then your blog will just inspire me and give me my own cabin porn.

  14. your home is the color of honey. you have accomplished so much in the short time you've lived there! kudos, you!!! PS-lovely pictures, what treasured keepsakes these will one day be, years from now. xx LOVE!

  15. I do love your home!!!! You can feel the warm and friendly atmosphere in every picture!

    Love from Munich

  16. Seriously girl! The grass is always greener on the other side! Your current home looks inviting and full of light and love and wonderful creatures to share it with! Can't knock that!


  17. I love this space!

    My favorite parts are:
    the light
    the fresh eggs
    the stove (!!!!)
    the alcohol atop the fridge
    the animals

    You are great.

  18. you make it (all) look so good kate.
    and 'yes please' to miss gallo takin' some photos. *smile*

  19. thanks guys. it is a good little home, we feel lucky to have it. especially when it was advertised as just "barn apartment, no bathroom". hah.

  20. my little Alaska family loves the simplicity of your life. Thanks for sharing :)

  21. You have a beautiful home. Real and full of love. The most important things. I love it.

  22. your home is presh. i love every nook and cranny. each picture is so warm and happy...

  23. Honestly I love your home...I would love to have a log cabin one day.:)
    And your style is so cute.

  24. Just spent my whole week of free time reading your entire blog. I am in love with this cabin your living in, your life and your style is awesome.

    Anychance you could post a photo of the outside of the cabin? Im in the process of designing my tiny home and would love to get a better idea of the layout.
    of your's.

    Thanks for all that you inspire!


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