monday's iPhone blur

yesterday through the lens of an aging and seldom appreciated iPhone

in photos:

1. lambs! they don't have names yet (fiona!! get on it!) but it doesn't stop them from being adorable. also, they seem to have an affinity for npr and air conditioning. high class sheep.
2. covering ourselves up to avoid being eaten by hay while we load the loft.
3. hay that had only been rained on once...wonderful.
4. rudy taking a lie down among the old stanchions.
5. chugging some good cold milk....
6. before the long uphill back to the house.
7. the kittens awoke...
8. to accompany us to the pond.
9. me and my favorite lamb. she is a SnuggleBug.
10. the outside table is just begging somebody to take 5 and have a meal there. too bad there are no 5s to be had.


  1. Such cute little things. I just want to give them a hug!

  2. the light in summer is just so perfect- brilliant blues! vivid greens, vibrant yellow. The whole world seems alive and intense.
    I always loved photos of haying- I can almost smell it!

  3. The thought of doing what you guys are doing terrifies me but oh how I wish I had the space to do it!

  4. Just found your blog - what an amazing blog it is! Love what your doing, your photos and everything, definitely going to be an avid reader from now on!!

    Your lambs are very cute too :) I love lambs and reareed two this year as well (I live on a croft not a farm).

  5. bah. I adore you!

    THIS is my happy place - no obligation to be "happy" here per se -- I just come here and feel so inspired and encouraged and I am constantly rooting for you guys !! So beautiful. Good job. Really..good job.


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