and we're back.

Rudy and I are back on the farm. After a blistering 10 days of trying to relax we are back at it. It wouldn't surprise anyone (but myself) that I had a meltdown yesterday, around noon. Too much garden, home, cow drama and sheep fleece fiasco for the first day back. The table cloth was inexplicably draped over the couch in lieu of its cover. There was dried blood on the front rug. My shirts were in my pants drawer. I tried to be good humored about it all but eventually lost the cool I thought I had been perfecting.

Nick did an incredible job solo-ing the farm. But of course, I allowed the little stuff to come in and over shadow all his work.  Last night to set me right,  Fiona and I took ourselves on a sunset run where the paths through the woods became so dark I lost the trail a couple of times. The moon was so bright when we reached the big fields on the top of the mountain that we, the fields, the horses, and the surrounding hilltops were bathed in her light.

My sister is here, and so is Toby. So, while we are normally two, this week we are four. Dividing and conquering the farm. Making up for the month of August where "we" were just one.

Today we make yogurt and sun dried tomatoes and harvesting the garden that is pouring out the veggies.  Nick is in town shopping for a chest freezer as we prepare (gradually) to slaughter Ted. Then there is milking and giving the sheep choppy haircuts. They appeared to have cuddled up to the burdock while I was away.

No more kayaking across the bay with Rudy. No more sleep-ins. No more cookies for breakfast.

Vacation is over and it feels damn good to be home.

And, thank YOU so very much for every book recommendation you gave me last week. We have managed to further stave off the philistine farmer I was fearful of becoming. I have a mental stack of books a mile high next to my bedside. 


  1. Your blog is amazing, as is your writing style. Thank you for this fascinating window into farming life as a young person, just like most of us... except so brave and bold and different.

  2. For the love of god, Kate! Please slaughter Ted all at once.. Seems to be cruel to do otherwise. :)

  3. sounds like a LOVELY vacation. your dog is just the cutest.

  4. that photo looks like your holiday was very close to perfection. and don't worry about melting down when coming back, it happens to the best of us :)

  5. There's nothing like a vacation and a good book. Welcome back.


  6. Ohh i remember who Ted is...
    Sorry! I know...

  7. Ted is our steer (Winnie's calf) who we will be slaughtering this coming fall. He will feed us through the winter to provide some much needed food while Winnie is dry, the chickens are in their winter hibernation, and the garden is reduced to a few kale plants. Fear not, we will slaughter him as mercifully and quickly as such a task allows.


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