pictured, not pictured

just like last week, this week was Full Up but never a camera to be found out in the field or in the garden.
to top it off, we had a full moon and leading up to the moon the animals were in rare form.


1. i am so profoundly incompetent at photographing the night. but here is the moon. much less fierce than in person rising over the mountains, flooding the fields in her light.
2. nick (finally) dragged me to the cucumber corner and we were bombarded. pickling is the number one agenda today. now you know what to dread from me come christmas.
3. fiddlehead is always sleeping (see photo 13 for more). he slept through a welcomed beer break with neighbors as we all lounged on the front deck pretending we had not a care in the world.
4. the dr.bronner's swim up bar.
5. pops.
6. pup.
7. a perfect summer's sky.
8. thursday was a Three Pond Dip day. it was hot. we were flat out. and i have a theory that each pond dip is a reset button. yesterday i had to reset three times.
9. nick trying out dad's guitar.
10. taking down the yurt!
11. yogurt making.
12. drying the blueberries with sun-power.
13. those useless "barn" cats.

not pictured:

1. nate, the bull, in full moon form, kicking up dirt, shaking his horns and bellowing at us, blocking our access to winnie,  when we went to fetch her these past two days for milking.
2. nate, running, like a little heifer calf, away from dad and nick spraying him with the hose, leaving winnie to us.
3. my precious little ewe lambs who were sprayed by a skunk wednesday night. shearing isn't for another 60 days but i'd love to hear any suggestions for this one.
4. the cock fight over a new hen. hackles up. talons flashing. nick wanting to let the animal kingdom take her course. me running between them yelling to break it up.
5. 4 separate dinners with new friends in the last week. such undeniable proof that we are making a new home for ourselves here.
6. trading lard for blueberry jam.
7. bathing the kittens in the pond.
8. getting a new bigger water for the pigs, filling it clear, and cold, and clean.
9. watching rose instantly and methodically, climb into the new trough and submerge her dusty self. blowing bubbles and leaving behind a muddied water, warm, and half emptied.
10. dad and his guitar playing for winnie and nick during milking.
11. a tractor bucket that, disappointingly, bent to the will of a tree.
12. the very torrid beginnings of farm/land hunting.


  1. Kate, I could look at these all day.

  2. Such a pretty collection, really love these pictures. I've been making small batches of pickles, trying out a few different recipes this year and excited to pop open a couple soon. What do you do with the dried blueberries? Rehydrate them or just snack on them? I freeze mine but drying could be fun.

    Enjoy the weekend, Lilly

  3. Sleepy cat, Dr. Bronner's swim up bar, and yurt! I love these updates.

  4. You could use something I have washed the dogs in-think it is called "skunk off"- I get it from the vet...it is an enzyme that "eats" the skunk spray...could probably wash the fleeces in it later...that is all I can think of , but hope it helps....

  5. I havent looked at blogs all week, and when I looked at yours, I just took a deep breath. It's always just refreshing.

  6. Beautiful collection of photos and of course, cute kitty!


  7. I always love looking at pictures of big, fat sleeping barn cats, ha. And cheers for the proof of a new life : )


  8. want to spend some peaceful days in your land & know how to use powerful sun to dry fresh fruit for cold winter
    bise from france

  9. I love the pictured, not pictured! I love being able to look at the photos but also like being able to imagine the not pictured. :) :)

  10. stunning photos of farm life, looks blissful

  11. Your blog is absolutely fabulous. I'm living vicariously through you until we can get out to the country with our furry friends.


  12. @lilly, i use my dried blueberries in granola for breakfast :) i have a good amount frozen thought too, for those midwinter pies.

    @lynda, thanks for the skunk-off tip, i may need to look into that come october!

  13. I like these pictured, not pictured posts. This is quite a collection.

  14. Love the "Pictured, not pictured" series! I've been looking into making or buying a solar dehydrator but can't find a small, simple wooden one. Yours is perfect! Would you mind sharing either where you purchased it or how you made it (or even just a few more photos of it?) A "preserving the harvest" post would be a great read! Thanks for any help.


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