nick is away. he's gone on holiday for a week with his family. he returns next friday at which point i leave for a week with my family. before he left yesterday i managed to cry and scream and throw a Grade A tantrum. i was hungry, and exhausted, and acting out. i was calmed by nick and given a good meal and a bit of rest. it appears living with me is a bit like living with a toddler. if i had been more adult about it i would have admitted (calmly) to him that i was overwhelmed at the prospect of being solo on the farm for the next week. with so much to do, every day for the two of us, i can't imagine how i can do it as just the one.

BUT, we each need our holiday-from-the-farm. i cannot impress upon you how often i have spoken with farming couples that bemoan the realities of never leaving the farm together. ever the tag-off vacation.

so, here i am. solo farmer this week. feeling a bit more confident in my abilities and embracing the purity of a week of just me and my farm.


  1. I read the above list and thought to myself, "that doesn't seem TOO bad," then I realized that was you to-do list for ONE day. Not the whole week.

    You've got this!

  2. i love your honesty here. throwing good vibes your way this week while you take on the farm.

  3. The only good thing about 'to do' lists is the crossing off of the jobs once you have done them. At least yours is colourful.

    Good luck for the week, I know EXACTLY what it's like to be left in sole charge of the farm.

    Sue xx

  4. enjoy farming solo whilst it lasts :)

  5. Oh that is a big list for one person! But, better to have things like "pick blackberries" on your list rather than "sit behind desk working on spreadsheets," right? :)

  6. good luck going solo. i'm sure you can handle it, but i don't blame you for throwing a tantrum ;)

  7. HA! I threw a grade A tantrum last night too! It ended with me getting in the car, driving to the end of our long driveway, screaming "IT'S NOT FAIR!" the entire way, snotting all over the place... and then by the time I got to the end and turned around I was okay. Got home, took a couples' shot of vodka. (I'm not a big drinker.) Made pasta at midnight. Passed out like a toddler.

    Good luck on the farm! You can do it, and will be so proud that it was alright in the end!

    I have a long-overdue letter for you by the way. Wrote it when you had a bad day last week and I was having one too. I didn't proof-read it though, so it's probably laden with kiddie-emotion. I'll get a stamp and send it on Monday.


    ps. MAYBE just maybe, one day (when our vehicles work for long distances) we can have a farm swap vacation. How neat would that be? But then again, I guess part of vacation for us entails getting AWAY from the daily grind... haha!

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  9. I've commented once before, and really love your blog! I'm from a farming family, and while it's hard, everyone does their holidays together in the off-season where I'm from. Farming neighbours usually don't mind stepping in and feeding, picking eggs etc., as long as you return the favour:)

  10. dear kate,

    when i begin to feel overwhelmed by my list of farm chores, i stop and think how lucky it is to have a to-do list that includes catching those wily baby goats (yet again), making plum jam, collecting eggs and throwing a pizza party for the pigs. i hope the beauty of what you're doing will help you get through a long week of interminable lists :)

  11. My Hubs introduced me to your blog (he finds the best ones) and I've been quietly following your posts. I read your list a few times over and tried to imagine doing all of that in just a day. Ummm... think I could get through most of it but only if I started at 7 am and didn't stop till 8 pm (or midnight, depending on how many distractions I'd have along the way).

    Here's to you and your determination to take on this solo week like a mighty woman (make that 'warrior') on a mission.

    Is every day's list like this?

  12. Can you add me to your list of people to call;)?

  13. It is always a bit embarrassing and surprising when a grown woman, myself included, gets so overwhelmed that we act like toddlers. Crying and screaming, I did that recently and I'm SO glad that I'm not the only one.


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