hu-bris (n.) 
1. excessive and overbearing pride or presumption
2. (in Greek tragedy) an excess of pride ultimately causing the transgressor's ruin

i have to say it, because the sheep, the cows, the chickens, the pigs, the cats, the dogs, and the garden are all at a collective loss for words. i am rocking the solo-farmer week. rocking it. not "rocking" per se the solo-human week.  i ate a box of mint newman os for monday's supper and a bag of potato chips for last night's.  i lobbed off 8 inches of hair mid chores on sunday because i didn't feel like brushing.  i clearly need the man back in my life who insists on basic personal hygiene and good food.

but i am rocking the farm. fixing chicken coop doors. cleaning out nest boxes. putting up dilly beans, and cornichons. schooling our bull like the little lamb he is. the house isn't a tornado. the garden is looking...better. incrementally better. i have only left the washing on the line in the rain twice. the tomato hornworms and japanese beetles have been served a serious blow. the sheep were moved and their pen for the weekend is already set up. the entire perimeter fence for the beef and dairy has been walked and checked for shorts.

i miss nick and very clearly need him here with me despite this overbearing pride of doing it alone. i have little idea of what today will bring or tomorrow or friday. i could be eating my words by the time this week is done with me.

but it feels really really good. very empowering to think, at least for a couple of hours, that i can handle this all myself.


  1. good job, kate!! Of course you're rocking it, because deep down in your soul you ARE a farmer and you CAN do this! I'm only sad about your hair :( Don't know why, really--maybe it's because I can't imagine lopping off 8 inches of my own long hair. Oh well, it'll grow back!

  2. Ooh, yeah! You go farmer girl.

  3. You go Kate! It is empowering to read this!

  4. You go girl! I'm relatively new to your blog and have loved reading. Keep on keepin on!

  5. I would love to see your chopped off hair! I did that once in high school!

  6. Way to go! You are an inspiration as I so often have to go it alone. Cheers, sister!

  7. Photo of sleeping cats is beautiful and simply cozy!

  8. It's really amazing what you can achieve on your own isn't it.

    I always feel like the days are longer and very satisfying when I'm 'home alone'....but it's oh so nice when the wanderer returns :-)

    Sue xx

  9. thanks for the well wishes/girl power friends :)

  10. WOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Also, I mailed your letter...finally. Now I forget what's in it and even if I put your address on the envelope. Hm.)

  11. I just wanted to say: you are such an inspiration and I love your blog. Keep up the good work sister!

  12. I'm awfully proud of you - but I never doubted that you would pull it off! Also, 8 Inches!!! All that pretty hair! The envious part of me knows that the next time we are face to face yours will be longer than mine again, despite nothing more than tiny (no really, just the littlest snips possible) trims every few months on my part.

    Basically you are like this amazing, farm rearing, golden tress growing hero woman.

    Let's get you a comic book deal or something.

    Kiss the kitties and Rudy


  13. You make me feel gooooooood! Thanks for that.

    Way to kill it, gorgeous woman.


    ps - Carrot brine recipe coming to you momentarily.

  14. bravo sweet kate, bravo. i read your words smiling.

  15. p.s. i second the comic book deal. : )

  16. ha just looked this word up last night to read to my significant other.. wonderful ! continued good luck this week : )

  17. Well done, so proud of you! And the confidence of being able to say "I got this!" is especially great!


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