Hawkeye and Lucky

There is something about this pup and that kit that remind us of the other. And it isn't just their affinity for destroying nice household things, like rugs and chair legs.

Losing Lucky fox was one of the hardest hits we have taken as a couple surrounded by animals. There is something of indescribable Luckyfox spirit in our new puppy Hawkeye. They have the same fascination for Rudy. They get nervous and run for cover (Hawkeye to our legs, Lucky to the belly of the couch) when somebody knocks on the door. They are both land sharks when they're awake and little soft kittens when they are sleeping. We were as  curious about Lucky's future with the chickens as  we wonder about Hawkeye in the coop.  Just as Lucky did, this puppy has joined our family without a second's hesitation.

He even wakes me up the same way the fox would, by eating and pawing through the snarls of my yellow, pillowed hair.


  1. good luck with your precious new pup. he's a cute furry fellow.

  2. I think it's unbelievably touching when baby animals, bereft of their animal kin, will slide right in to a human family without a second beat. It says something about the intellect and resilience of the animal - a little more I think than just mere survival - be it fox, pup, horse, sheep, or cat.


  3. oh dear, what a precious little fox pup - and what a sad story

  4. That little fox! So cute. I'm sorry you lost him. The pup is just adorable and I almost adopted one just like him a couple months back, but he was taken. And my heart was broken. Love your blog. Can't wait to read more about Vermont!

  5. Sorry 'bout the loss...I didnt even think people cud keep foxes and it's the first picture Ive ever seen of it! It looks so cute!
    I've read your section about how did u end up doing what u're doing. I'm impressed. Of course I have different views on life and lifestyle, but you and your partner actually just did what you wanted to in life, that's so inspiring! :)



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