pictured, not pictured

We inexplicably adopted a German Shepard puppy last week. He is very tiny and disturbingly cute. He sleeps softly and sweetly for about 2-3 hours at a time and becomes a miniature land shark of all bites and play when he is awake. Including at 1 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock in the morning.  I have diagnosed Nick and I as border-line masochists. What else could explain for the addition of a puppy just 3 1/2 months shy of having a baby?

1. The fields and forest have been melting at an un-alarming, happy-for-spring rate. So we walked the pastures yesterday to envision the summer rotations. The snow was still too deep for our new puppy so he slept in Nick's sack wrapped in a blanket.
2. Checked the new top fence. Still looking sharp and square. Ready for the cows.
3. An aproned 22 week belly.
4. Rudy and Hawkeye
5. Carrots and (not pictured) onions are the only vegetables we have left in the cellar. We finished the last of our potatoes today and put an order in for 20lbs from a neighboring farm. Must plant more this year.

Not Pictured:
1. The young steer who belongs to the neighboring herd who will not be fenced in. He stands in the middle of the dirt road, about a mile shy of our house, every night. I call him the Sentry.
2. My disappearing toes.
3. The beginnings of Mud Season. Holy hog I thought driving in the snow and ice was bad. We have to drive, like most in Vermont, 3-8 miles (depending on if you need to go North/West or South/East) on dirt, which is now, MUD, to get to pavement. It makes driving most like a video game. My forearms are finding their milking muscles again with the force needed to hold the steering wheel on a straight course.
4. The space heaters that do a terrifically inefficient job at keeping the milk-room pipes from freezing have been off for f.i.v.e. days.
5. The raven with a hurt wing that is sitting in a tree by the barn in the rain. Nick wants to rescue him and I think we should all be allowed to die in peace.
6. The darkness of the new daylight-saved mornings.
7. The puppy that likes to sleep in the nest of my hair and softly hiccup through the night.


  1. Oh what a sweet german shepherd!!!! That picture in the tote bag kills me!

  2. Love the pictured/not pictured posts. They say so much!

  3. I love german shepherds--we had one when I was growing up, and he was the best dog on the planet. when he was a puppy he was all ears and paws, a black and tan bowling ball. I keep thinking as soon as I have the space, that's the dog I want.
    also I love your aproned belly. so cute.

  4. What a cute German shepherd! I love them so much, I have two and I consider them my babies.
    Great blog I really enjoy reading your posts!

  5. I can't hear Hawkeye and not think of the Last of the Mohicans.... or the avengers. Rad name and super sweet pup.

  6. love the belly ! so cute

  7. My parents unknowingly adopted a pregnant dog from the shelter, and she had 8 puppies 2 weeks before I was born! Have fun with your new pup, there's nothing quite like a puppy :)

  8. haha!! congrats!! no no, nothing about being masochists!!

  9. Oh puppies and the Land shark phase.. Wait until she starts putting everything in her mouth(the puppy and the baby :) ) That's when the fun really starts!

  10. I love that you have your own personal Sentry. And the disappearing toes...yeah, I remember those days. Now, just wait until you can't put on your shoes! ;-)

  11. The sweetness of that first photo is overwhelming. A puppy that will actually sleep in a bag unbothered is the perfect puppy to take on before baby. Even if she's a biter!

  12. I'm with you on the raven. Save it now, it will hang around and probably steal your eggs or worse, baby chicks (or worse) come spring.

  13. what a sweet new puppy. your other dog has very similar colouring (even the small patch behind its ear!) to our rescue dog that came home last week, except the ear to eye patch is on the other side, and on the right he has a circle patch over his eye.


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