give me color

i beginning to understand that i take color for granted. seeing it. touching it. absorbing it. i am often overwhelmed or overpowered by a color. but i rarely appreciate it for its very being. i know a man who doesn't see color...or rather, sees very few colors.  and every time i am with him i become obsessed with the concept. i point to endless objects asking him to describe what he sees for me and never satisfied with the answers. i cannot grasp a world without all of the colors. but color is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. it is different for everyone. which makes me love the color i see even more. does this even make coherent sense?

so, in response to having had a rough go at it last week,  i would like to begin this one by being Reflective and Thankful....two qualities i tend to shove away whenever the world spins too quickly for me.

photos in living color:
1. today's red dress that is already covered in half chewed granola --thank you, rose.
2. red yarn for wrapping presents for babies.
3. sunflowers from a friend's farm.
4. bowl of granola and yogurt for breaki.
5. speaking of Thankful...the grass around our house is coming back fiercely...and i know a little girl calf that may be interested.
6. bag balm for my cracked man-feet and soon for rosie the goat when we start to milk her again.
7. oh thank heavens for the wind to provide some cool relief, as the sky, today, is an unforgiving blue.
8. the washing has finally made it outdoors after a week of cutting corners between hospital and work.


  1. after our world is turned upside down---then right side up again--- everything seems brighter. and for each and every little thing we are more thankful. this post of colors is perfect!

  2. Beautiful, wonderful photos. I love them.

  3. your photos are absolutely beautiful - it's such a pleasure to read your blog!

  4. Gorgeous, rich colors! I love these photos.

  5. love the photos, excellent lomography!


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