whiskey before breakfast

my littlest and only sister turns 25 this weekend. which, officially, makes me an Old Woman. and so, to commemorate this, i took her south west of asheville, to the mountains, for some sister time. no animals. no boyfriends. just running trails. her mandolin. my tent. a couple of bananas. and a generous ration of beer.

i haven't left the farm in months. not since early march. unless you count the hospital when nick was sick. which i do not. it was hardly 36 hours away. but i reveled.

1. the view from our campsite. it smelled like california. like the sierra nevadas. it was fully glorious.
2. we create a mess. cowboy boots. bananas. smelly running shorts. this was just the spillover. the back was a solid wall of clothes and sleeping bags.
3. we did a solid amount of trail running. which makes me a happy Old Woman.
4 & 5. breakfast. fiona and i have a history of under-packing for food. dinner was an avocado, a cuke, and an onion. we invested in a loaf of bread in town to help it all down.
6. i love her.
7. even if she plays the first chords to whiskey before breakfast over and over and over again as she learns the mandolin.


  1. I just came across your blog last week and let.me.tell.you. I love it! So fresh, so real, helps slow down my busy days and breathe. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures!

  2. Okay I officially LOVE your blog. Love love love.


  3. sounds great!
    music, beer, nature, sisters..and bananas!!

  4. Looks like a fantastic way to help your sister celebrate her 25th year! Lovely photos!

  5. im learning the banjo, and keep playing these frailing chords over and over and over again (my poor boyfriend/cats)... learning a new instrument really shows you who truly loves you lol

  6. oh, the smell of california! i know just what you mean. i miss it so.

  7. Oh the Sierra Nevada's. You make me miss home.


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