a chocolate milk chuggin' fool

oh its been a long one. you mustn't be cross with me for being such a negligent recorder this week. we were thrown right into the bowels of Farm Summer. it started off innocent. i spent monday, as promised, soaking in jordan family time accompanied by some much-missed a/c & bbq. tuesday morning i swung by the aeroport to get miss molly and we treated our selves to lattés. and then...

and then things got Out Of Control. i don't know if we were just needing fresh blood (molly) or if it were inevitable due to the heat of it all. but somehow the calm and zen of tuesday somersaulted into the insanity of summer's past. 6 am with-the-sun wake ups  and go go go until the heat beats you down. then you get fed, splash some hose water on your face and neck and body that has somehow become the same color as the carolina red clay, and then it is back at it again like a woodpecker to a tree. working as vigorously and fiercely as the day we first met the farm. i've barely had time to debrief with my boyfriend let alone attend to the fierce amount of correspondence the internet demands.

things are calming just as the weather is approaching. thunderheads have circled the farm for two days now and are closing in though we don't let ourselves dare hope we will be blessed with rain. but i do hope. trying to head to the woods tonight for a run. with molly. i love her here. and then tomorrow, hopefully, a birth of another friend. and just on the other distant side of tomorrow....very faintly glowing there, is my weekend, with promises of the seashore for a couple of days with some lovely friends.

1. the beets i planted with maman are here. hailey, molly, and i ate them for lunch. they did the job.
2. first zinnia of the season. i threw caution to the wind and only planted sunflowers. all other flowers were under direct order to re-seed themselves. and its actually sort of working.
3. & 4. molly and i gave the piglets hose downs. they loved it.
5. i made myself proud in the amount of tractoring i did on this little sweetie today. i was beaming like a jackass driving it on the main road waving very cooly and nonchalantly at every driver-by.
6. i schooled molly in an impromptu chocolate milk pounding competition. that intern has a lot to learn.
7. outdoor tub time with my root cellars book and a spritzer. finally. also, i made (!!!) that bath tub tray. feeling terribly smug to-day.


  1. beets! zinnias! these are two of my favorite things.

  2. There are no words for that bath tub. Or it's tray. **double swoon**

    P.S. Missed you.

  3. love it all...especially the last pic!! :))

  4. just woke up, having a café reading your blog...
    have a belle journée

  5. I can't figure out if I want the world to discover the secret of the beet or if I'm happy to keep them all for myself. It's a vegetable, it's sweet like a fruit, it's meaty, it adds color...I mean it's one sweet root.

  6. I just wonder ... do you really bathe in that? Outside?

  7. That is the happiest pig ever lol

  8. of course i bathe outside! wouldn't you? i haven't any neighbors but cows to gawk.

  9. I'm glad you're blogging again. I love to read about the adventures of Cane Creek! I'll be coming down to the farm with Kerry in a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing you, Nick, and your animals then! :)

  10. can't wait to have you here lindsay!


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