le week-end according to the farm.

another working weekend gone. one week through june and we are as hot as can be. i am getting overly and prematurely nostalgic for this farm. for this good southern state. for these animals. for these southern people. i can't believe we are just 2 months shy of leaving them. i'm hoping to Soak It All In as best as i am able. 

for instance, today; morning with pascal & florence & rose all in the front yard all --more or less-- harmoniously waddling about while i read about root cellars. afternoon will be pool time with melissa & everly. evening will be pleading with said melissa to teach me how to put on eyeliner and braid my hair in between feeding and bathing and putting to bed deux bebes, as though she isn't busy enough. that is a good southern Soak It All In day for my dairy.

Soaking It In photos

1. pascal's first day in the pond. it was a good 20 minutes of him flapping about before nick reminded me of the thriving snapping turtle population we are harboring. i got rudy in there toute suite to serve as turtle bait.
2. what a LITTLE egg. found in the egg boxes on saturday. somebody is definitely not earning her keep.
3. ninja photo of us 2 on our way to raleigh for dindin with the jordans & a big bouquet of sage for melissa
4. my favorite corner of the bus. cleaned out all the nesting birds, sleeping cats, nosy wasps and daddy long-legs for miss molly who arrives first thing demain.
5. ahh i miss this bed. i miss this bus. i can't wait until the next time nick and i live in mobile housing. 
6. i ate them all. no...maybe nick had 2. but i have an insatiable appetite for cookies at 7 am...so nick doesn't stand a chance.
7. rose diving for strawberries in a box of compost from the market
8. bathtime for a filthy farm mutt.
9. rosie-the-goat had her babies. a boy and a girl. they are delicious.


  1. i would be getting nostalgic too. i feel nostalgic vicariously. that bus looks like a dream- my dream for one day.

  2. these pictures are gorgeous! i wish i lived close to a farm like this!

  3. Great pictures! That bus looks amazing... so do the cookies. :)

  4. LOVED reading today about your participation in arlo's birth :) if we ever meet, will you please make me some of those delicious looking chocolate chip cookies? xo

  5. sooo shweet. i'm constantly drooling over your animals.. i don't think i'm going to be able to take it when you move up north! once you get there if you happen to find a reasonably priced farm that ends in the ocean...you should totally let me know about it. :)

  6. lovelovelove queen anne's lace. xo

  7. I love your egg picture. :)
    I got a double yolk a while back and I felt like I won the lottery!

  8. Can i ask you what brand your glasses are?? It seems like when Im itching to get new ones i always see super cute frames

  9. @leelee, my glasses are valentino...circa 1980s though, so not sure where you could find them now....ah the hunt for glasses, i know it too well :)

  10. these are the happiest photos. i immediately love your farm life!

  11. What a difference in the size of eggs! I can't wait to be in NC in a few weeks and come see you (and Nick and Rudy) and the farm!

  12. That looks like soooo much fun! I'n nostalgic for it too. I mean-come on!


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