sunrise : let out chicks. scrub waters. feed the masses.
morning : collect summer's first tomatoes in a dusty ol' shirt.
late morning : chase piglets through the amaranth forest that is now the garden pen.
noon : breakfast of tomato, cuke, onion salad with sunny side up eggs and creamy cheese.
early afternoon : fight with health insurance agency. accept defeat. spend 2 hours researching Other Options.

proposed late afternoon : collect ingredients all over town for littlest sister's birthday. two cakes. one very spoiled sister.
proposed evening : trail run with molly, fi, elizabeth, and the overweight but enthusiastic pups.
proposed nightime : sleep. sleep every hour that it is dark, because that is how much a young farmer needs in these long summer days.

1. [[see "morning"]]
2. one of 15 cats on the farm. they've got the mice routine covered, so there is a bit of downtime for these fluff balls.
3. we have 7 (Seven!!) house pigs. such pigdom requires a good amount of double tasking as littlest sister is accomplishing here.


  1. I adore your blog Kate. So much so that I just read through the entire thing as I sit here bored at work (oops!)

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I freakin' love piggies! They are adorable. Pigdom indeed. So cool.


  3. Jeudi après-midi: envoyer lettre à ta meilleure copine !!!!


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