...and the leaves begin their fall.

today is the autumnal equinox. and the polite thing to do is to take photos of the trees in their glory. this one in particular has been demanding of an audience since tuesday. its been taunting me on my runs. reminding me that summer is damn near over.  reminding me that we are soon back to Cold. that this is the beginning of the end of what we will see of the green. one brilliant culmination of color. that the tomatoes we have in the garden are our last. that a real frost is imminent. that we are setting up for a long winter of eggs and potatoes and meat.

one can't help but get so predictably nostalgic at this time of season. and here i cannot help myself. so it is quite perfect that the aged p's are coming for a visit this week-end. just as they did when i was at school here.  time to go hike the same mountains we hiked in school. time to horde the same apple cider donuts i became so dependent on at smith. time to drink warm teas. time to add warmer blankets to the tent.

i hope some of you are still savoring the last days of summer with a swim in the sea. and that some of you californians continue to be innocently unaware of any season change back east. and that some of you are thinking of candy corn and long cold runs in the forest. however you may be celebrating the autumnal equinox let in be in good style. it was a good summer. and it will be a good winter. and the in-between will likely be as spectacular as this little red tree.


  1. oh, changing of season? how nice.. it's still 100 degrees in my part of california. please please tell that fall weather to move WEST.

  2. *clears throat* apple cider DONUTS?! uhhh whaaat?! Those sound divine - I will now be a hunt for such treats.

  3. yup, brilliantly unaware of the change of seasons. It was gloriously in the high 70s in San Francisco last week, and now we're back to mid-low 60s and rain. I was thankful for the drop in temperature though, because I never like walking to the grocery store when it's hot outside.



  4. oooh OOOH! I know the area where you are, for I went for a semester there back in grad school. how very, very lovely. if you ever make it into amherst for any reason and spy that pizza-by-the-slice place (if it's still there), do have one for me and say hello to the nice boys who run it :)


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