island home.

i hadn't been to the island since christmas. but this weekend, one of my dear friends from new york got married to a man from california. they now live in seoul, korea. so the island was a natural mid-point for them.

it was a crispy bluebird weekend. which made me ache for more days there. so we took one more. and now we are on the ferry boat. headed back to the great world of Off Island. where we will see a farm today that we may be able to rent. and then off in the dead of night. back to our little hamlet in the berkshires. back to the tent. back to the 6 am wakings. back to the gloriously large and wonderfully simple farm dinners and breakfasts and lunches. 

its happened before that nick and i have attended a wedding and only come home with a handful of self portraits and none of the dear bride and groom. but that is just our vanity. something we have to deal with one day at a time. and sadly, something you have to witness here, from time-to-time.


  1. that's my request actually... a little more of you & nick. i love seein' 'the creators' behind all the lovliness. and let's face it... you're (both) not hard to look at. : )

  2. hahah! i love both of the portraits. you make us use our imagination to what the wedding was like... : )

  3. hashfyyyeaah!!
    maybe it wasn't your wedding but both of you look bright!!!


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