peaches & carpentry

preparations for farm shabbat dinner are in full swing. we made challah this morning. dug trenches for the ground wire. built a better chicken door that allows the chicks to stream in and out but keeps the feed-minded pigs and goats at bay. lunch of fresh bread and our ricotta. an afternoon of canning 10 boxes of peaches. this is how the friday goes. about to take a little hot sun jog up and around a steep nearby hill to get a fresh view on this bluebird day. have a stellar labor free week-end. n & i will be down in nw conn for some maple syrup, lake swims, and good solid time with two of our most beautiful friends.


  1. I know it's all hard work, but you make it sound so dreamy. Plus, lake swimming is one of my favorite yet most elusive past times.

  2. Can you blog about how that sweet looking pup bit a kid? That sounds like a story!


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