autumn is coming

the weather is changing. that much was obvious when we had to add two sleeping bags and two kittens to the mix of our bed, that already included two wool blankets, one comforter, and one dog. the leaves haven't quite turned. which would be the obvious thing for them to do. us, farming in the berkshires. where foliage is almost cliché. but there is something about them that is different. every other moment i find a big gust of wind come upon us and i look around at the trees. suspicious of their color development. everything is still decidedly green. but they have a pre-turn aura now. i don't doubt that the next day i look up at them all, ready to give them my shrewd and penetrating stare, that i'll find they've already changed to their burnt oranges, and reds, and yellows. i really don't want to miss it. so i keep pausing to look up.

but the crispness of the air today. that was unmistakable. that had me covering my toes and my head this morning. that had me in corduroys and a down vest and heavy socks by 6h30. that had my hands frozen stiff as i fetched the dairy girls in the upper pasture. it never really let up. that's the real clue. even by lunch. even though we ate on the porch in the full sun. we were still all sweater-ed and hatted.


  1. Have you guys figured out your housing situation for the winter? That tent probably won't keep you warm in the months ahead.

    Beautiful pictures by the way. I'm loving your blog :)

  2. Ah, fall-- isn't is lovely? Your blog is so wonderful to read and the pictures are beautiful too! -^_^-

  3. is that the orange kitty you lost?!

  4. @afeatherofsin sadly, no, rocco never came home. our little menagerie feels incomplete without him here. the one pictured is little bean. she is a ferocious little barn kitten who spends most of her day lounging.

    @M we're working on it! a potential place is being discussed and negotiated but i don't want to say more for fear ill jinx it and live in a tent for the rest of my days.


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