today...thus far

it rained last night. not with the same gusto as in week's past. early september was a Wet One for tent dwelling farmers. but it did rain last night. which explained the slug on my bed when i awoke. and the quiet of the farm at 6h39. 

there is a slower rhythm to life on a farm in the rain. a gentler walk to the milking parlor. a more leisurely lunch. nobody makes a rush out of anything except the chickens. the rain unearths a galaxy of grubs and so they all run about with a frantic air, binging on worms.

so here are the photos of my day thus far through the crass quickness of an iPhone's lense.


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  2. I have loved your blog for a while now and have always gasped at how ethereal and exotic your images of farming look...

    And as I read this blog post I thought...hmmm this doesn't look that exotic or exciting...what's going on...?

    But then I realised that rain was the new ingredient in your photos..

    And suddenly your farm photos looked just like my childhood, rainy rural Ireland, a soft day..

    Your normal sunny baking photos of farming seemed so romantic to me..made me wonder why I don't move back down the country and get some chickens, a pig and a hound or two..

    Because farming in Ireland is squelchy and mucky and your photos were always basking and warm.

    I love this post..I really do..As my Grandad always says on days like these rainy photos- 'a soft day, thank god'....we all say it, with gritted teeth and dreams of summer..but though we dream of the sun baking our bones..we always acknowledge that there's something pretty about a soft drizzly day...

  3. Hi!I love your blog and read it weekly.I was wondering how do you use a computer/charge phones etc while living in the tent?!thanks and sorry for the annoying comment haha


  4. @abu i love that phrase 'a soft day'. thank you for sharing that and I'm glad you appreciated the rainy grainy photos. though I do wish they had the backdrop of rural Ireland as opposed to rural massachusetts.

    @dani valentine not an annoying comment! the farm house has power and we frequent the creamery/ cafe just down the road when in search of the internet


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