big picture farm

i've suppose i have sounded like worthless sop in my past week of posts. something tipped me off to this. maybe it was the mountain of concerned emails and comments and phone calls i was receiving and dramatically not responding to. 

i don't like to be a debbie downer of this internet space. i have always thought of myself as a happy woman. and i am. just going through a bit of a rough patch. as They Say.

so, i thought a more cheerful subject for this wednesday would be the ever lovely and ever smiling louisa of big picture farm. she and her husband farm up in vermont where they make goat, sheep, and cow cheeses....and goat milk caramels. which are heaven. we went to visit them last week and i haven't stopped thinking about wonderfully fit for their lives they are. they are kind. they are welcoming. they are generous. they are hardworking. and they are both undeniably talented in the worlds of confections, cheese, and art. 

go take a look at louisa and wish her well as she has been Under the Weather and that just won't do when all of her goats need her. 


  1. Oh girl, it's okay to go through your rough patch. I still love reading your blog.

  2. Always love reading your blog and I hope that your rough patch will lift soon!

  3. I agree with the other ladies - checking in with your blog is one of my new favorite things.
    Even when you are not feeling the best, you have a lovely way of writing.
    I hope things get better for you :)

  4. I'm a new reader (it's my first comment, I think), but I have to tell you I like your blog very much! Glad to read you feel better now.
    We all have bad days and blogosphere is the place where we share happiness and sorrow.

  5. Delurking to say I hope you feel better :) and? I love that the carrots look like they are running away!

  6. Miss: You dont know me but I feel I know a patch of you. I dont see your past few entries as soppy. Instead I see a fantastic journey where you and your partner are actively creating a life and world you want to be a part of. Do you know how inspiring this it? Isn't it funny how salt makes the sweet sweeter?

  7. Omg the little lamb! So cute. I love the minimalism of your blog, and the pictures are awesome. New reader! :)


  8. love your blog. I have such big dreams of living on a farm someday!

  9. Awwww, lovely photos. The lambs. Oh boy, so cute.


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