a glimpse of winter

it snowed. in october. twice.

we are still without power at the house but fortunately the farm is back up and running. nick had to drive up north to pick up a generator on saturday for the Just In Case, which turned out to be a good idea.

despite my general dislike for a new england winter that begins as early as this one will there is something so very quieting about first snowfall. we took a midnight walk on saturday to the farm. but for  a handful of nervous drivers on the roads everything was still, almost muffled.

when we reached the farm to check in on everyone and to turn the generator on we found every animal snug in their respective shelters. the chicks were under their heat lamps in the barn. the laying hens were perched. pascal was below them on an armful of hay i had schlepped out just for my duck. the pigs were belly to belly in a nest of straw in their nick-of-time-finished hut. bella was awake, but lying down in the far stall, munching on some turnips and carrots that nick had left for her.

i couldn't be less enthusiastic about the idea of starting winter a month or two early. the weather calls for sunny and high of 50s through the week and i expect nothing less for the month of november.

but i say this little glimpse of winter has me less tentative than i was for the season ahead. less embittered about cold wet hands and damp boots and drafty barns and more anxious for the quietness of winter to begin.


  1. i can also look forward to the quietness of winter. :)

  2. Boooo...but it is fabulous to see that you are able to find some good in an overall depressing premonition of the winter ahead. I live in the Midwest, but just moved from Texas...excited to see what winter brings...

    I found your blog through another one of my favorites, Bleubird Vintage


    I have lived a rather vagabond life myself and have enjoyed getting lost in your blog today!

    Thanks for sharing.

    My blog: yepindeed.wordpress.com

    Twitter: @graylinsample

  3. God, I love your blog. I've only seen snow fall ONCE IN MY LIFE. You make me long for the country!

  4. You both look so tenderly and cozy!


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