toothbrushes and carrot soup

life is settling in. but i'm home sick. with rudy. and several pounds of carrots from the new farm which means we are going to be subsisting on soup for the next several days. which is good because the only other thing in the fridge of any real nutritional value is egg nog.

its hard making a new home in a place that isn't your home. but things like my toothbrush with nick's. and an old blanket from susie. and my sugar bowl from new zealand. things that make home feel like home.

we made the trek safely from the berkshires to here. the animals are all ensconced on the new farm. but our originial plans for housing fell through and so we have been fortunate enough to find a friend of a friend of a sister of a neighbor of a sister to let us live in an apartment in her house for the Time Being. its just a mile from the farm. and so we are here. and the animals are there.

i've never lived away from our animals like this and it is just as hard as i had imagined. i spent all of my sleepless night pondering the physics of a coyote attacking a pig, or two pigs, or two pigs and a cow. i hate not having them sleeping just outside our window. not being able to here every stir in the barnyard. i don't know that home is truly going to feel like home until we have them right there again.

but for now they will sleep there and we will sleep here. and i will cover the house with discarded market sunflowers and bake cookies and make soups so that when we are here it feels as much like home as it possibly can.


  1. So very curious about where you were farming in the Berkshires! Inherited my dad's property in Egremont this year - was a farm while Dad grew up there in the 1950s, huge organic veggie/flower gardens while I grew up in the 1980s, and now...I don't think I have the fortitude to go back and live there and farm it again but your story and photos are giving me a little twinge for it! Just discovered your blog this morning and am already fascinated with your farming life.

  2. I made some carrot soup today. I'd love to know your 'recipe'.

  3. sending love

    and hoping to give you a hug in person



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