its only monday and i already miss the week-end

i had a weekend of cousins. of long runs. of summer weather. of exploring a new-to-me, old-to-friends swimming hole filled with fresh water that made your legs ache with cold. of finding cheerwine in massachusetts. of buying shiny things i don't for need pennies at tag sales.

but this week is going to be filled with business plans. with a meeting with a potential landlord. with a dinner meeting with a new boss. with packing boxes for the seventh time in 4 years. with lots of driving.

and so i'm trying to hold on to that week-end essence for a moment longer. cause i imagine this is going to be a trying one.


  1. Cheerwine is the best:) We served it at our wedding along with Dr Enuf and other random sodas! Hope your week goes better than you think it will:)

  2. I've been on your blog every week for over a year now. and while I've always been impressed, nostalgic, blown away, and plain entertained...it was the picture of golden leaves against a bluer blue sky that finally got me to comment. I took this identical pic upstate this weekend camping and it filled me with giddiness to see what I saw through another set of eyes. Always a pleasure.


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