our un-apologetically humble abode

i thought it was about time you two met. Tent, meet Blog...Blog this is Tent.

i think we are nearly, after  five weeks, just now becoming fluent in tent living. this means that we are able to keep the tent free of 1. dirt 2. rain  and 3. cold. this wasn't as simple as i had blithely hoped. i had first covered the tent's bare floor with my most special rugs, pillows, blankets. then the rains hit and those rugs were first shockingly dry... then damp... and then soaked. and then we were damp and soaked. because the golden rule about tent living is that water seeps. if one pathetic little belonging gets wet anything it touches will also, slowly, but surely, become damp to wet.

i put our bed and rudy's on a platform of old pallet wood. all of our clothes are in milk crates up off the ground. we have two down blankets because we found that sleeping every night in bags is slippery. the sub zero bags remain in a dry bag near the entrance for emergency needs.

we have a bouquet of pine to ward off the smell of Mold and Mud. midnight mason jars of water litter every surface. two prickly plants and a broken statute of a bull found at the corner store greet you on the wooden plank to the bed.

it is a little home. a dirty and smelly and sometimes frustratingly musty home. and here we prepare to move further eastward into a real home with floors and windows and doors and walls, and armoires and desks, and bookcases, and nooks to place my teacups, my typewriters, my books and baubles. yet i find myself already nostalgic for the small-ness. for the simplicity of tent living. for only keeping 70 square feet of living clean. for only having the Absolutely Necessary with us.

its a good, humbling tent.


  1. I absolutely adore your tent. I am so jealous, I'd love to enjoy that simple way of life. I know I technically could, maybe I should? Even as a little girl I used to sleep in a tent in the backyard, or make tents around my room and abandon my bed for them. Thank you for blogging.
    -Ashley Faye

  2. You live in a tent and your house is nicer than mine. How is that fair?! Very jealous.

  3. Also, I'm back to share this link: http://www.coolhunting.com/design/nano-house-book.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ch+%28Cool+Hunting%29

  4. You guys are just so damn awesome.

  5. Yep, what everyone says. You guys are the bomb. Way to make living in a tent incredibly stylish (not to mention sufficient!). Seems like you've got it down to a science.

  6. i love your humble little tent. well done!

  7. i love your love too. you're so good for me. us. (xo)

  8. this is so beautifully, wonderfully simple. i love your blog. thanks for writing.

  9. a nice string of words
    i love your love.
    it's true
    you are one of the loveliest
    thanks for being so absolutely


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