friday cometh

i have granola, yogurt, and pickling cukes all going on and in the stove right now so i will make this short. 

four things. 

1. the humidity has lifted. which means we can sleep with blankets again and long sleeves for morning chores. 
2. we have our first eggplant on the vine. summer is kicking.
3. last night we ate ice cream and played trivial pursuit with three neighbors. two of which, we realized today, are the only other full time farmers on the mountain. their family has been farming here for hundreds of years. they used to own all of this land. they have worked like dogs from sun up to down every day of their lives. now they can barely afford to keep the few acres and animals they have left. what a horrifically unbalanced world. 
4. nick insisted on picking up a hitch hiker on wednesday. he looked harmless. he was harmless. tie dye t-shirt. guitar slung over the shoulder. typical hippie garb. when he jumped in the back and was asked where  to?  he said just get me the hell out of here, i just got out of jail. 

oh, great. 

(5. happy weekend.)

this is ardea. one of my new black ewe lambs. she is a Cuddle Bug.


  1. just found your blog. you are living my dream. mind if I follow along?

    your hitchhiker story - hilarious!

  2. Ah.. to have your life.
    i am sad for your friends, sometimes this world is twisted. I hope that they can make it through this hard time.

    that hitchhiker story... hilarious. i am glad the hubs was with you when you picked him up.

  3. hi kate, i read your blog (linked from melissa) all the time and love it. i was wondering if you read much wendell berry? and if so, which ones on farming do you like the best?

  4. Such a sweet baby! Looks like you need to get some shears soon though. Let me know if you want any tips (cause I'm such a pro already...) ;)

  5. Amen to the" horrific unbalance". I guess if it were more lucrative, fewer people would be dreaming about farms and more people would be farming.

  6. Hitch hiker story...cracked me up! Love this blog.

  7. Haha, number 4 made me laugh!

    Happy weekend!

  8. Your posts are always inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great Sunday.


  9. The life we love and the stress it brings. How discouraging it is to arrive for a life that takes so much. I feel it.


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