cool hand luke

i am as cool as i was this past friday. when humidity broke and we were thankful. when we all...all 7 of us piled into the truck. seven people in one truck...such is the physical capacity of this old ford. piled into the truck and then spilled out of it to dinner in saxapahaw. onto the deck. cool enough to wear pants. cool enough to give in to my anglo-new england heritage and have several glasses of wine in lieu of dinner. cool enough to push away thoughts of packing. thoughts of leaving this home.

on the docket for this tuesday we are cleaning the feed shed. laundering rugs and linens. closing out the second bedroom. canning and preserving tomatoes. making and freezing pesto. a lavender harvest. possibly a run to the store to acquire more jars. with lots to do we are keeping it cool. nick and rudy are still asleep. fi and i are about to go for a long run. the cats are panicked, but that is par. rose, vangogh, and bella are digesting yesterday's rotten tomatoes. the chickens are doing their rounds. all is calm...in welcome anticipation of the move ahead.


  1. I'm a last minute mover, myself. Good luck with the move; I can't wait to see the new land!

  2. Glad mother nature is giving you guys a break. And yes, wine (sangria, whiskey,...) during times like this is a definite must


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