pack it up...

i don't know that there are many physical feelings of relief greater than that one i had today, in the open field of the turkey pen. panting under the hot sun as i labored with the bird's water trough. after 3 straight days of 100°s and going higher. after lying naked and restless everynight with no air conditioning and no wind in the night skies. after covering myself in sweat and mud and stench from an early morning in the pig pen....

i was just finished with using a pail, i held it in my left hand and i heard a drop hit it. and then another. i looked above me and saw a dark, cartoon, rain cloud hovering there. well, that would be nice i thought to myself and the cartoon cloud obliged and let loose its contents. it poured. poured. for nearly 15 minutes straight. and we all stood there. all humans, birds, pigs alike. everywhere on the farm. and thanked the heavens for their mercy.

the skies cleared and the sun got right back down to his task at hand. as though the rain had been a temporary slip and would prefer you didn't mention it. and so we are back to Sweat, Mud, and Stench. back to packing. back to chores. back to canning. back to cleaning.

1. linens are washed and folded and shuttered into boxes to be sent north.
2. i am the inefficient packer. the one that likes to pack things in millions of little boxes and cases.
3. nick made a winter's ration of tomato sauce.
4. the rugs are sunning themselves, preparing for their sentence of an indefinite storage.
5. the succulents are posing an issue. how do you pack a prickly plant?


  1. I thought of you and your blog today as I fed my family's pigs! It's not something I get to do often (my dad is sick and unable to right now) and I have to say the tiny bit of labor was quite invigorating.

    I guess i'm behind, I didn't realize you were moving. Good luck with everything. You guys are really inspiring, young people working hard and playing hard. Having a/c sure makes me feel spoiled.

  2. Those showers are the best. Just finished a three day fest in Oklahoma in 100+ heat and had ONE of those 15 minute showers which was pure heaven :)

  3. I loved your documentary! Also, where and why are you guys moving? I must've missed a blog post or something. I love your blog by the way!

  4. I am generally a "lurker" but coming outta the woodwork to osay hello and I just love this place. I feel like I'm in a daydream when I come and look through your photos. You inspire me!

  5. These photos are so dreamy. I wish I could be in them instead of being at work!


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