when the sun gets high

we are being cooked, burnt, fried to a crisp down south. and so when the sun gets itself so high, hot, and mighty we mudbloods search for cooler grounds. for gardens in the early dawn. for creameries. for cold outdoor baths. actually, this morning, in the early hours. the heat broke. the winds picked up. it was delightful.

the tough part of it is that, we can't just lounge about. these photos are anomalies of the past 2 days. rare moments where we have sat down and sighed and attempted to dry ourselves from the constant sweat. but things move forward. the farm, the move up north, the tomato plants. everything seems to be flying forward. we have 2 weeks left. the list grows longer, rather than shorter everyday. it should grow shorter. but we keep adding to it. stupid selves. so far, i have packed up and then unpacked a box of books and my winter hats. yes, 2 boxes. barely even boxes. and we have a whole house to box up. i think i'll pack our socks tonight. just to make it 3, useless boxes.

1. the corn, hardly high enough, but its popcorn and it makes us proud.
2. girlfriends coolin' their feet in the tub.
3. my raised beds. putting hailey in charge of planting them for the fall. i want to make sure they are in good hands.
4. basil is reason enough to grow a garden. unlimited pesto. which is in need as fiona & i eat it my the forkful.
5. sara at the feed mill.
6. the skinny creamery kitten trying to cop a lick.
7. how did fiona change ice cream flavors so fast?
8. we cracked the first melons of the summer this afternoon.
9. with 5 to 7 people coming in and out of these doors we go through a healthy amount of napkins.
10. onion bags.
11. there is no more sought after goal than goosebumps in the summer.


  1. It's about time I told you how much I love your blog.

    I grew up in eastern nc and my parents took me camping in the nc mountains (and now live there) when i was little so I just love the whole state. I've since moved to Savannah, GA but it is just as hot here and I like to know that someone else understands the sweaty, sticky summertime that I complain about all the time.


  2. I'm right there with Chloe in how much I love your blog! It's always beautiful, well written, and something I've come to really look forward to!

  3. oh kate, your outdoor bath looks so serene.

  4. i would help you pack, if i could... in exchange for produce?

  5. @ carissa, i'll give you all the melons and tomatoes you could ever eat in exchange for help packing :)

    @ bearded girl, these are sunshine melons. they're scrumptious.

  6. The heat finally broke yesterday here in the Blue Ridges too! It's actually quite chilly and over cast today. That tub looks mighty nice. We too are in the process of packing and boxing. I literally despise that task..

  7. Was that a hidden Harry Potter reference??


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