belly up

one of my favorite ways to unwind from the farm is to lie on my stomach in the grass behind our house and watch and kiss and touch all of our little animals. it silences me. it allows me time to make sure they are all individually o.k. to let them know i absolutely adore them.

it's a good way to end a friday to think about the week-end. we have markets tomorrow. a pig pen to finish building. my godson and his parents coming in the afternoon. cookies to be baked. we have all hit a sugar low since last weekend's double cakes for fi's birthday.  and a couple rounds of croquet to be played. the course is set on the front lawn and needs to serve a purpose other than breaking ankles each time somebody's foot catches a wicket.

on a much less picturesque note. the fish in the front pond are dying. in droves. Belly Up. there is a serious drought in our county (and i imagine the whole state). the biologists of the family tried to explain to me that this has caused a lack of oxygen in the water so the fish die. it is.....horrendous. on every level. you could imagine. and you will pardon my lack of photographic record on the event. it's not something i want to remember too vividly. i just thought,  in the effort of full disclosure, i ought to let you know.

very best week-end to you all.

no need to describe the characters in these photos....i imagine you know who these guys are by now.


  1. Love all the pictures! So sweet! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of and a fun weekend at that. Enjoy it all! :)

  2. aaaaahhhhhh! I love your pictures of animals so much! I'm so deprived in NYC! Thank you for this farm animal refreshment. :)

  3. Hope your weekend visit with your parents is wonderful! Matt and I are finally in town for the weekend so are going to try and make it to Saxapahaw tonight! Hope to see you guys

  4. Lovely little friends you've got there! Poor fishes. Your blog is so refreshing.


  5. Aw, your sweet pup has such soulful eyes. It's adding to my severe "i want a dog" cravings.... lol

  6. This sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon.


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