the cats just barely made the cut

nick said to me the other day that maybe we shouldn't take the cats. leave them here. the cats. the CATS. these are the stressful species for us. we can figure out the ear-less pig and his little sister. and the cow. and the honeybees. and the child biting dog. or the duck that wants to be a chicken. but the cats putting us over the Edge. we won't leave them behind. i made that quite clear.  but i cannot believe we both entertained not taking them. that the normalized, domesticated, society-accepted animals are the bitch of it. what have we become? this week-end is dedicated to figuring the cats out.


  1. I wish you all the luck in the world with that, but I'm not totally sure it's possible! I mean they've been around us for thousands of years and I can tell you one thing...they are still a huge mystery to me(and I think they like it that way)! :) Hope you're weekend is fabulous!

  2. If it makes you feel better the cats probably don't like you either. :)

  3. haha, probably the most hard-headed animals I know! I love them, but they really are a pain, but a cuddly pain so I'll hang on to them. (:

    I'm Leah BTW!

  4. Best of luck with those sweet little kitties! I have no idea how one even begins to dealing with moving them...my cat sometimes has to spend 45 minutes or so in the car for the vet or to visit my mom...and he literally whines nonstop the ENTIRE time. Good luck!


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