this is our godson. arlo redding. and i love this photo. being a godmother is very new to me and i am insufferably proud of the title. i try to drop the word godson into all manner's of conversation. like, when someone other than his parents reaches for him, i dutifully instruct, my godson prefers to be held belly to belly. or at the dinner table, oh this table cloth reminds me of a funny story about my godson. it's been a little weird, but i imagine my friends can forgive me the subtle boasting. because i have never been so honored as i have by arlo's parents. nick and i have already promised him a pony. which he must share with his sister. and trips to new england. and trips to the cape. and how to sail a boat. and how to drive a tractor. i love so very much that we are somebody's godparents. that that somebody i helped bring into this world. that that somebody is the most handsome baby boy you could ask for.  that that somebody's parents are two of our dearest most beloved friends.


  1. I completely understand! I do this with my niece and nephew as well. :) I refer to myself as "Auntie" constantly.

  2. arlo is beautiful! congratulations! i think everyone understands you dropping "godson" in conversation...where do they live? her blog is so pretty!

  3. They didn't make a movie after it for nothin' ;)


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