the finality of Frost

the day started off with a freeze. not a deep freeze. but one that had the weather service issue a warning, informing us with all finality and no ceremony that this would be the EndoftheGrowingSeason. that anyone with AgriculturalInterests needed to harvest their crops as soon as.

there's something comforting in going all out, all summer. working dawn to night. sweating through and dirtying every t shirt you own.  knowing that some day in october the temperatures will drop and then that's it. well, of course, the kale, the broccoli, the b. sprouts, they'll live through Frost. they actually get tastier with Frost. but for the better part of it all, the summer garden is formally complete with the arrival of  Frost. which leaves us to plan and dream of Winter. when we are left to our animals and our preserves.

i'd be negligent in my writing if i didn't tell you that the tent was decidedly chilly with the dip in weather. the first night that i was....under my world of woolen and down blankets....quite cold. wallpapered to nick and rudy's warm bodies.

but the day turned herself around. long-underwear and vests were exchanged for shorts and sweaters and milk was made into yogurt and cheese and butter. like it was just any other thursday...

1. the lingering crystals of Frost.
2. 10 gallons of dairy to process.
3. we need to wash our windows more often.
4. ricotta, yogurt, butter. check, check, check.
5. oatmeal for breakfast. pumpkin soup for lunch. breakfast for dinner.
6. the sunnies are done for.
7. pitbulls playing in the sunroom.


  1. Do you really take all of these on your iphone?? How?? Beautiful!!

  2. homemade ricotta, yogurt, butter... dying...

  3. I love, love, love the jars and jars of creamy-rich milk.


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