summer's done gone.

they're predicting a Light Snow for tomorrow morning.

we slept in the tent last night. it was a cool 34 degrees but we needed the closure.

today we are on to our third farm in as many months.  today is for last minute errands for farm supplies. for collecting animals. for packing cars. for closing down the tent. for saying goodbyes. for getting everyone safely and -if possible- smoothly to the next farm. 

we need to do everything today to get ourselves moved because tomorrow the postal service will call us with a hundred baby chicks for delivery and our jobs as livestock managers of the new farm will officially begin. 

so please wish us luck as we move from the hill towns of western massachusetts to the bright light city farming outside of boston. 

and i wish you all a moderately more relaxing monday morning. 

**photos tomorrow as neither of us have any idea where our computers are and im so very over the quality of my iPhone photos.**


  1. gooooooood luck! and get some blankets!!

  2. Sending you lots of luck and good thoughts!

  3. good luck! i have fallen smitten with your blog.


  4. snow! wow. good luck. good luck!

  5. snow?! oh my! stay warm! and good luck with the baby chickychicks!

  6. Hi Kate! I am actually in a similar situation as you,in Western Australia. I'll put it out there as I'd love to chat sometime. We are raising beef cattle, and the farming lifestyle is very new to me. A friend recommended your blog, so here I am! It's nice to know others are experiencing this too. It can be tough at times (we are isolated) but I have a huge connection to the animals we are caring for, and the ones we call pets. If you ever want to chat, look up "Redterrain" on facebook. Hope to hear from you!

  7. Ps - about the above comment - My name is Holly. How rude of me. ahaha.

  8. My kids are in love , we are looking at Farms and just falling in love again and again


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