12 days of christmas

i get my twelve days of christmas starting this day...today...that began in the dark with my two boys (nick and ru) driving me to the airport in the snow. snow is a very loose term for what occurred in the piedmont today but you can't tell that to north carolinians. they cancelled schools. they considered it a top story on the local public radio. they drove 20 mph in a 55 zone.

the day is ending here with me cozy from a warm bath on the vineyard. going to the pub tonight with my family to celebrate the four of us home and my parent's 27th anniversary and then, hopefully, falling asleep to a christmas movie with my sister.

i am too happy for these twelve days home. i just wish i had my two boys. i can't seem to function too well without either of them.

p.s. pictures above are our sapin de noel for this christmas.  sitting in a milk bottle. nick brought it home for me from our woods. i don't expect the ornaments to last long with two kittens.

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