christmas on the island

i wish it were still christmas day. i wish i were still at home with my sister and parents and cats right by my side and that i wasn't sending ayana on a bus to maine.

but christmas is over. and i'm snowed in in boston....trying to get back to the farm. back to nick. back to the dog and the cats and the chickens and the honeybees and the pigs and the goats and the sheep.

i can't wait to get back to my little farm family. but i don't want to leave. i need more than anything this year to find a way of making my two homes closer together. closer than the 18 hour train ride i have ahead. closer than 11 states away. closer than this.

in case you're wondering why it looks like fiona is giving ayana a piggyback ride...well because she is. because ayana and i chose folly over function in our boot selection that christmas morning. they were not waterproof and the tide was rather high. so my darling sister had to carry us from dry land to dry land. piggyback is a nice way to travel i have found.

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