la france me manque

a reader, kayla, asked me this morning if i am missing france this winter? kayla, i miss france everyday of my life. i have since my family and i first lived there when i was 8 years old. i love the entire country. from paris to villard de touage. but i do very much miss our past winter there. i miss the mountains. i miss  the t.v. dinners of fresh bread and stew and 1664 that nick would make. i miss eating crepes. all of the time. i miss the atelier where nick and i would craft and nurse sick chickens (often at the same time). 

farming has brought some funny complications to our lives. mainly nick and i can't really leave the farm at the same time. somebody needs to look after the animals. the pay also doesn't afford us the luxury of skipping off to europe when we so please anymore. so i am going to have to keep on missing france. at least for now. we are trying to plan a trip back to the same little village for sometime this summer or next fall. 


  1. such a sweet post! thanks for answering. enjoy the holidays with your family.

  2. hi! I discovered your blog a week ago and I was intrigued by the French words you often use in your posts. I've been more intrigued seeing the French car plate in this post, as I live in this area, in the French Alps :) It really is a lovely area... I hope you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a trip here again.

  3. hi Addie! We spent a winter...two winters ago, now...in a valley known as the Trieve. We have family there and we miss those mountains so very badly. We are constantly trying to figure out when and how we can return.

  4. La france me manque, a moi aussi. It's been nearly three looong years since I went to France. And having lived there both as a child and later as an adult....and having in addition often toured the countryside and small villages (c'est si beau), your 'chouette' photos brought tears to my eyes.


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