the first snow

i thought we moved to the south. to north carolina. where snow on december 4th is the stuff of legends. the stories of nostalgic yankees that forget their current coordinates. i thought i'd be wearing my denim cutoffs right through til next spring.

i was misled. the first days of winter here are no different than those of new england or france. i miss california. i do. BUT. the first snowfall is always magical. and a total surprise to yours truly. so today, i walked about my animals amongst the freshly fallen snow. and it was a delight. 


  1. Hi Kate. (Not sure if my previous comment registered.) We have just had the most amazing amount of snow in England. It was magical when it arrived and being out there taking photos in a snowstorm was brilliant. It's when the transport network seizes up that it isn't so much fun, but I suppose in the US you are better equipped with snowploughs and proper snow-moving equipment. So enjoy the snow, take lots of pix.

  2. Snow in the Triangle, oh my! Don't worry though, you might be able to go back to your cutoffs in a matter of weeks :)


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