bella baby

this is baby bella. she is our new bottle calf. she came down with pneumonia in the fields, so they brought her in while i was away and nick has been bottle feeding her twice a day ever since.  i got immediately jealous when i saw her follow him around like a puppy. so i'm slowly and slyly trying to take over feeding duties.

it so good to be back on the farm. i can't stop hugging the animals and kissing their foreheads.

today is a gorgeous day. supposed to be near 60. i'm going to take the opportunity to plant some more late onions in the garden and then hopefully go for a run.

happy new years to you all.


  1. A belated happy New Years to you darling Kate

  2. welcome back home honey
    I love all your posts- just caught up with the Christmas ones.
    I can't believe you guys were here and then gone
    - in the flashest of flashes/ how we miss you and fi and Ayana-
    what a sweet Christmas with you all here

    much love,


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