a blue day

i like my farm color-matching. yesterday it was blue. today grey. it looks as though its about to snow again. maybe it will? its odd. living and breathing the outdoors every minute of my life as it is now on this farm, i find that i rarely ever check the weather forecast. i guess it makes no real difference to me. no matter if its 75 and sunny or 25 and snowy i still have to get out there and be in it and do what we do everyday.

last night nick took me out to dinner in carborro...hence the fancy blue shoes... glasshalfull. its quite good and they serve our meat. (nick wrote a bit more about it if you're interested) . tonight we're going....fingers crossed....to see harry potter. i couldn't convince nick on my own but his best friend greg is our movie guru and even he  okayed it.

thanks again to all you readers out there who sent the kindest words for oscar. it means the world.

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