the achilles' heel

i haven't left the mountain since last monday. that is seven blissful uninterrupted car free days. but today. we are out of toothpaste. we just had six people visit in the past 3 days. all of which asked what they could bring. and not once did i think of the tube that i had been pressing and squeezing and coaxing along the weekend. damn. i imagine there is some chalky tasteless paste i could make on my own. but, i'll be straight with you, i like the sugar content in my toothpaste. and short of brushing my teeth with honey, i think i'll need to break my town-free streak for this ridiculousness.


  1. p.s. not a bad photographer either...

  2. You might not have all the ingredients, but this one looks pretty yummy, for a homemade toothpaste, does it not?

  3. Definitely go get some sugary paste- we all have some creature comforts. But! A toothbrush dipped in baking soda will clean and brighten your smile like no other. Great to know about in a pinch though it's DEF not a sweet experience.

  4. Haha! Yeah...I hope you broke down and got your sugar paste. I'm the same way, gotta have that good stuff ;-)


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