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in a continuation of wondrous women farming and blogging, i found and met (through the internet wires) sophie and her farm. sophie and her husband, craig, along with their two small children, raise beef cows, hogs, laying hens, sheep, and honey bees on craig's family farm in upstate new york. sophie writes about farming and mothering on her blog the joy of farming. sophie's post is so very sweet and i am belated in posting it as it was written for our departure on saturday but my head has been a fog and we just now figured out how internet works here in vermont. 

without further ado...

Just two weeks ago, surrounded by stacks of boxes, layers of tissue and a house dismantled, being packed up, made ready to move, my sister handed me a gift. "I found this for you for Christmas, but I just can't stand the thought of moving one more thing, so, Merry Christmas!" Inside the jumbled newspaper wrappings, I found this, a Farmer's Cup. I squealed with delight. Wouldn't you? My sister has a talent for finding the perfect gift, this being a prime example. An object of beauty, a timeless message, a blessing for her farmer sister.  

Today, as they head out for their new home, their new farm, their next great adventure, I send this blessing to Kate and Nick. It is no small feat to pick up stakes and move a farm, even one that (at this point, anyway) just barely manages to squeeze into a car and a truck and a trailer. I have a hunch that Kate and Nick and their farm will soon expand well beyond those confines, beyond the ability to pick up and go. And what fun it will be to share their journey with them, here at the Longest Acre? To watch their dreams unfold in a new and northern landscape. To watch them make their own mark on age-old farmland. To watch their animals learn a new place, and to witness the arrival of new animal friends. To watch these two farmers farm on their own terms, come what may.

Today, Kate and Nick, I wish you a safe journey to your new home. From my farm to yours, a poem, a blessing, a prayer. Long Life & Success to the Farmer!

Let the Wealthy & Great
Roll in Splendor & State
I envy them not I declare it;
I eat my own Lamb,
My Chickens and Ham,
I shear my own Fleece & I wear it.
I have Lawns, I have Bow'rs,
I have Fruits, I have Flow'rs,
The Lark is my morning alarmer;
So jolly Boys now
Here's God speed the Plough,
Long Life & Success to the Farmer.


thank you Sophie!!


  1. Love!!! A most perfect and beautiful blessing. I want to paint that on my wall :)

  2. i loved the mug & saying that is on it. i found your blog a few weeks ago & have been following it since. you give me such inspiration & hope. my fiancé & i are going to start a vegetable garden this spring because we both love to garden & want to be able to live off of the earth as much as possible, & whats a better way than planting & growing your own food? your blog puts me in awe. i truly would love to be able to have the experience you are having one day soon.

  3. Darling Kate and Darling Nick,

    I am sorry not to have seen you two before you left for Vermont. I would have wanted to give you such a blessing, but wouldn't have had the words. So, you'll have to accept my plodding but heartfelt "good on ya," knowing that I wish you EVERY success and joy in your new venture. Jack and I WILL visit! xo Susan Turner


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