milk and eggs and thank you

every day. milk and eggs. some days i feel rich with food and others i want to scream out for pizza and a mexican coke (as i did, just this past tuesday, and nick dutifully brought both home from town). we have been waiting and waiting for the half-assed garden attempts to come to fruition. so far the only thing that is looking truly great is the eggplant rachael brought last saturday. which i have had Nothing To Do With.

so right now we are learning to make all sorts of fun things out of the eggs and milk. quiche, egg pasta, milk potatoes (sounds gross, is a little, but mainly delicious).  cream cheese and mayonnaise are on the docket for today. i keep waiting for an ice cream maker to drop into my lap so we can venture into sweet territory.  we barter milk for bread. and we forage fiddleheads and ramps for greans. dandelions are also up for today.

its hard to justify going to the co-op when you have so very much food being made at home. but it also makes for some frustrating moments, when all you want is a kale salad, but the kale in the garden is barely 3 centimeters tall.

i cannot wait for the life of summer when we have tomatoes and herbs and greens exploding from the garden and fridge. and part of the beauty of their existance then, is their absence now. so, patience.

as a less mundane aside from my obsession with food i wanted to THANK YOU all for your kind and thoughtful comments, advice and suggestions from my post on monday. i firstly just wanted to say, how wonderful it is to have the nicest, most supportive readers one could ever ask for. the second is that, i have taken all of your thoughts into consideration and am trying to form an avenue through this blog where i could make the farm a little bit of money but not sacrifice the content, or look, or your interest or respect. so, stay tuned for that.

and finally on a less presumptuous note, if you have even just a couple dollars to spare today, please visit the kenyan schoolhouse fund. they are just $500 away from meeting their may 1st deadline of school fees for the coming year. since 2002 this fund has taken nearly 300 kenyan children (many of whom are orphans) away from the hard, forced labor of the fields and put them into schools and given them proper medical care. every bit of money counts as they try to make the school fee deadline.


  1. May I suggest? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=donvier+half+pint+ice+cream+maker&rt=nc&LH_BIN=1

    Unless you want a lot more ice cream. I have this and it's amazing and always just enough.

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  3. I too am waiting with baited breath for the first of my planted fruits and veggies to fill the larder, in the meantime I have the luxury of the last of last years offering that are nestled deep in the freezer.

    It must be brilliant to have your own milk, although I have eggs I have to wait for the milkman to call 3 times a week to bring the lovely white stuff. I'm definitely thinking of getting a goat soon though!!

    Sue xx

  4. I think it's wonderful to eat what you can produce. It rivals the 'healthy living' theories that are common, maybe- but I cant help but think that those are false if lettuce doesnt grow all year round.

  5. I'm in a bit of a hungry gap right now as well and have taken to eating the dandelions. But they are delicious and supposed to be very nutritous too! I was lucky though, a couple of weeks ago I found a kale plant growing in my garden, no idea how it got there as I didn't plant it and I didn't even grow kale last year!


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