rain day

i just found this photo while going through some old bits of the past years. oscar and rudy. i will never stop loving that pig and the days we had with him.

today is a wickedly windy, rainy day on the mountain. i'm already numb from morning's chores, so i will be enjoying the rest of the day from the confines of the automobile. many errands to run. including seeking out seed potatoes. the antique mall. and the hardware store. a thrilling stormy day.

nick is going to stay home and play farmwife. he is making butter, cheese, and yogurt for the morning. and fetching the washing :)

bon week-end.


  1. I don't know how, but I just stumbled upon your blog and I am SO glad I did. You are such a talented writer and your story is beautiful and so very inspiring. I read your "how did I happen on this life?" page and I honestly received chills. It sounds like you aren't afraid of following your dreams, which is something I am really hoping to work on myself. It's wonderful to see. I've had this strong desire for a while now to get up and leave (once I've finished school...) and start a little farm of my own. Here's to hoping my future has that in store.

    I have a feeling I'll be looking to your blog for inspiration along the way :)

    p.s. Oscar's story was also beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking. It sounds like he was lucky to have you and you were just as lucky to have him.

  2. It is Mother's Day soon and as my madre compadre has always wanted a pig to run about our house, I may be convinced to fulfill her dreams after this photo!

  3. o wow just read oscar's story, so sad. im so sorry he didn't make it :(. I love the pic with your pup.

  4. I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your blog since discovering it recently (via your butter tutorial I think), but this picture revealed itself as the perfect moment to do so.

    Reading your blog make me so so happy; it is the coffeecake to my coffee. I find myself holding my breath sometimes in excitement while reading your adventures in farm life. I think it's my dream to uproot from this concrete world I live in and downroot (is there such a word?) in a few grassy acres with a barn with peeling red paint. At least until I grow the guts to do so, I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to live vicariously through your stories.

    P.S. Oscar's story is beautiful. My best friend had a pet pig that she loved with her entire being (he could do tricks too!). My heart broke for her when he passed. It's been years, but I'm certain I can still not say his name today without tears forming in her eyes.

  5. Oh my goodness! This image makes me so happy! I met the sweetest little pot belly pig yesterday while picking up eggs from my local egg lady. She got her piggy two weeks ago and already taught her how to sit, spin, and is potty trained! I have never encountered such a smart pig!!! I was impressed and it really made my day!

  6. hahaha- great pic!
    I love that dog
    and loved that little pig....

  7. Gosh, this picture makes me miss my little piggies, well some of them were rather large....lol!! But most folks don't realise just how intelligent pigs can be.

    I loved ours and miss them to bits, maybe one day I'll have some again.

    My absolute favourites were my little Kune Kunes..... Tinka, Tayla and Gypsey, so adorable and always full of mischief......they got out of their field one night and had the sense to come to the house to let us know when they were fed up playing on the farm and wanted to go back to bed!!

    Sue xx

  8. Awww :) I love this pic!


  9. YOU HAD A PIG!?!? That is my dream...


  10. The little piggy! how cute! This made my day!


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