gratitude for the move

i have been so calmed with gratitude for the serenity of the arrival of my family to vermont. so i thought i would come back to the blog first to express my gratitude. later this week i will show you around, the house, the mountain, the barnyard. 

today i am thankful...

for three vehicles and a trailer making the 3 hour journey in 4 intact pieces.
for my parents volunteering their weekend to help with the move. 
for the animals and their patience in transit. 
for pascal who sat in a box in the front of the truck. and watched, with one eye, as nick drove the whole ride. 
for rose and vangogh who sleep like babies in the trailer.
for little egg who was the sweetest little chicken there ever was. who didn't make it through the first night in our new home. we miss you little egg.
for our community on this mountain.
for mom's soups and dad's breads that sustained us well into our first week.
for the sun's rise through our bedroom windows.
for friday's full moon.
for a literal household full of visitors this weekend. for their beauty and whisky and friendship.
for my second glass of milk this morning.
for our new cow, winnie, and her painfully adorable bull-calf.
for the chickens and their uninterrupted lay.
for nick and for rudy. my constants. without whom i could never do any of this.
for chocolate cake. for pound cake. for easter candies.
for a landline. and for all the family phone calls that it brings.
for no cell service.
for a class tonight in town on natural dyes.
for the women who blogged in my absence and the beautiful lives they shared.
for good hay.
for the snow that doesn't stick.
for the spring that is slowly coming.
for our new home on this glorious land.

for all of this and for so much more i am thankful.


  1. my goodness, i love your blog, and all of the beautiful details and moments that i get to experience through your pictures and words.

  2. Great and beautiful post! Happy Easter!

  3. What a wonderful post! So much to be thankful for indeed! May your new home be blessed! Many good thoughts coming your way!

  4. your new home looks and sounds beautiful...

  5. so much loveliness, my goodness. and oh so deserving of it. blessings sweet kate.

  6. I love this and the little puppy hairs on your leggings. So SO happy for you. You guys totally deserve this.

  7. So beautiful! Sorry about little egg :( It is crystal clear, though, that you are exactly where you're meant to be.

  8. there's nothing like a simple life. so peaceful and amazing.

  9. Beautiful post! Vermont has welcomed you with beautiful gifts & a prosperous start....sending you continuous well wises!

  10. just beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

    I dream of one day living free too. xx

  11. "for nick and for rudy. my constants. without whom i could never do any of this." my favorite, just how i feel about mine. i've been tired on the farm this week, your post reminds me to be thankful for all the things that are good. (and that you can be thankful for no cell phone service!)


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