with light

i am consumed with the light that comes through our two-room home. i haven't often lived on the literal sunny side of the street. not in san francisco. nor in new york. once in paris. but not in d.c. always in shadows. in north carolina we only got sun sets. in western mass we lived in an army green damp tent. and in boston we lived below ground. but here in vermont i find myself worshiping the sun as he comes through every window. first he rises to our east, right out of my bedroom window. directly above the donkeys. they start to bray. wanting their morning's hay with his rise.

after morning milking he pours all of his strength through the window behind our desk. making  computer-ing near impossible with glare. while we eat lunch he is bathing our deck in his warmth. in late afternoon he is tumbling over the kitchen sink window. and then, by the time we are sipping beers he has lit the living room and dining room, making it so warm we throw open doors and windows.  and there, through that bay window, he sinks slowly behind the ridge line. firing the sky with pink. and giving us a brief darkness til his next dawn.

light in photos:
1. our shared desk. and my grandfather's typewriter. some well traveled succulents. and of course a ball of pink twine.
2. my indoor grower's corner. i would still very much like that greenhouse on wheels.
3. the kombucha getting fizzy and ready for consumption.
4. nick making beer.
5. a tired pup.
6. 3 very good friends reveling in a warm day. post pond dip. post walk. enjoying beer and cake.


  1. One of my favorite things in a house is having good light. Right now I get light from east and west---it is divine!

  2. i love everything about this post, kate. i too find myself worshiping the sun throughout the day, chasing it down, soaking it up. it's so good for the soul. and i love your humble abode... all that knotty wood... glorious!

  3. Cake and beer?? Hello! Where do I sign up?

  4. The sun has finally returned to our northern country!:) Since most of the year we have cold weather , we try to soak up each ray every time the sun comes out.
    And it would be interesting to know more about making beer.

    Have a wonderful day,

  5. This is so beautiful; I honestly understand how much you must appreciate this! The sun comes through my room in my current apartment and the effects have been wondrous.

  6. God, you live a truly beautiful life! Thanks for sharing.

  7. obsessed with this little house. obsessed.


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