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fig and fauna is the stunningly beautiful blog of megan martin and rose estelle martin (sisters in law). they live on a small farm in south florida where they raise goats and chickens and gardens. currently the two are writing a cookbook about cultivating relationships with the food we eat.  the recipes and photos they post on their blog are enough for me to be certain i will be purchasing the cookbook when it is finished. 

The mornings belong to a goat and a girl. Dream raises her head and peeks over the top of the wood planked barn, as she hears me open the back door and slide on my boots. Our greetings have become a ritual - a quick exchange of touch, while I grasp her collar and direct her toward the house. We set off to the milking parlor, hidden on the side of our wrap around porch.  A Bougainvillea trellis shades our quiet area from the heat, while dapples of sun peak through the leaves. It's a hiding spot that my child self would have begged for - a quiet place made just for two friends. Dream knows where to stand as she itches to be milked and fed both with equal fervor. Her muscles relax from side to side while I rhythmically let her milk down into the bucket. Leaning her sides into my head,  the conversation between us is a simple exchange of movement. I embrace the quietness of our time together, allowing it to set the pace for my day. Nearing the end of her milk reserve, she snuffs her lips and lifts her legs impatiently. I can hear her clearly, telling me that the rest of the milk is meant for her babies.
A bucket of fresh frothy milk rests in the silver bucket, and the possibilities are endless. Inspired by the warmth of the Spring day, I begin a soft airy cheese to accompany a garden salad.
Gathering what is fresh from the garden: dandelion greens, fennel, cilantro, arugula, beets, radishes and a yellow onion -  I assemble the salad, imagining the taste of the fresh Chevre finding it's way into every bite.

Spring Salad with Chevre - Serves 2

Handful of greens (arugula, radicchio, endive, orach, mizuna, kale, dandelion)
1-2 Radishes Thinly sliced
1 Small - medium beet thinly sliced
1/4 cup yellow onion thinly sliced
One orange, peeled and segmented
Cilantro leaves and flowers, to taste
Fennel sprigs and flowers, to taste
handful of crumbled Chevre
Toasted Pepitas, to taste

For the dressing
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 cup EVOO
1/2 cup Orange Juice
Salt + Pepper, to taste

Mix all ingredients well and shake before each use.

Using a mandolin slicer on the second thinnest setting, slice beets, radishes and onion. Tear cilantro and fennel into small pieces and combine all ingredients except the cheese and pepitas. Drizzle salad dressing and gently combine. Sprinkle Chevre and toasted pepitas on top to taste.

* The Chevre pictured is Poppy Seed + Cracked Smoked Pepper

thank you megan and rose!


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  2. Absolutely beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the rhythm of your mornings with us.

  3. The photos are nearly as satisfying as a bite of the salad. Looks amazing.

  4. I found you via Fig & Fauna and love your little blog. I love theirs as well and am only disappointed that I didn't know about them when I lived in south Florida, too. Though, I left two years ago so I am unsure if they were there, then.

    Good luck on your farming journey!

  5. so beautiful! thank you for sharing. there is nothing like fresh chèvre. it's my favorite part of spring.

  6. my eyes got wet reading this post.

  7. Nice post, thanks for sharing this recipe. Btw I also have a dairy goat farm.....



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