afternoon de[light]

today is most decidedly not  my birthday. i woke up at 4 a.m. to rudy, vomiting what appeared to be the entire front lawn --our dog, quite literally eats like a cow-- onto my favorite rug. the day got progressively un-birthdayed with the 94° heat and me running at full speed trying to get everyone watered and fed before the high sun, the lettuce harvested and washed before the high sun and the eggs collected and sent to market before the high sun. the icing on this un-birthday cake is the charming and obliging nick who just pulled in the driveway with a truck full of grease collection barrels, pumps, and hoses, all of which to be housed in our shed in the coming months. wonderful.

but the afternoon light was something to get on about. and my cousins are driving up from south carolina for a couple of days of farming and swimming. and the fireflies are zooming to and fro like little rocketships, and that makes me think of my sister.

1. the first hydrangea of the summer
2. the "genius bar" set up i got going on, to work on the farm website and stay out of the blasted sun
3. birthday flowers
4. and 5. ajax,
6. sunset, pond, ducks...it gets old.


  1. there is nothing like fresh picked flowers to mask the stench of doggie vomit. ;) sorry...
    but I do love the photos, :))

  2. Love this. A very merry unbirthday to you.

  3. I wanted to say the same thing that the above commenter did: a very merry unbirthday to you too!

    I'm kind of new around here (I think I came over from bleubird) but I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog! You're photos depict life so beautifully...I know you said the duck, sunset, pond thing gets old but to those of us living in apartments in cities who long for wide open space and gardens with chickens (like I used to have), its a breath of fresh air!

    Anyway, hope the birthday weekend is better!



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