happy mother's day, mom.

i love that you look 10 times more beautiful on this tractor than i do on mine. i love that you are so hip you send me tapes you've recorded of the avett brothers. i love that i inherited zero self control from you when it comes to cookies and candies. i love that you love all of my animals just as much as i do, even if it means babying a 3 legged piglet for a long weekend while i run off with friends.

i love what you do for me. for us. for fiona, dad, and me. you are my favorite mother. i love you.


  1. our mom is so beautiful! and how do you always find these old pictures??

  2. I love this picture.
    Is she really going out with me?

  3. gosh, this makes me want to cry! what a great momma. you are both beauties.

  4. new follower... love this blog. you're living my soon-to-come-true dream! i love your tuesdays posts, the piglets, this picture and the avett brothers! i heard about your blog through a friend who also follows... i started at the very beginning, and this is where i shall stop for the day. i really enjoy it, thanks so much for sharing. Cheers from TN!


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